Courthouse SMSText Messaging Sevice

Send Service Information to Jurors Instantly!

Courthouse SMS is designed for users to send text messages to jurors about anything related to their jury service. As part of Courthouse JMS's communications center, Courthouse SMS integrates seamlessly with Courthouse JMS because all aspects of the administration including automated and manual messages are created and sent from the jury system.

Courthouse SMS offers your prospective jurors an alternative to getting emails, phone calls or "snail" mail. It is quick and efficient, sending your custom message within minutes of creating it. You can send a text to one juror or as many jurors as you like, all at once, thus, saving you time and money.

Get Jurors the Info they need, when they need it!

Because the JMS gives you the ability to set the system how you like, all of your template messages can be set up or edited in Courthouse JMS at any time. Failure to Appears, Request Approvals and Denials, and Reminder Messages exactly how you want them.


Courthouse SMS Response! Jurors can now correspond with Courthouse JMS directly through a text message conversation. This latest functionality is designed to provide even more convenience for your jurors by offering another method to communicate with the court.

A juror simply sends a text message directly to Courthouse JMS from a their mobile phone. SMS Response intuitively understands what the juror is asking and provides an automated response with the information the juror asked for.

With Courthouse SMS, you can:

  • User defined messages from JMS (location specific) used for SMS messages.
  • Sends messages to juror's cell number as well as main contact number in JMS.
  • Embed data in the message that is specific to each juror's information to provide personal touch.
  • Prospective jurors can receive a reminder text, a kind of "wake up call" for jury duty.
  • Prospective jurors can choose to be notified of the disposition of their request by text.
  • Court can send individual texts or to a whole pool or case, depending on the situation.

Send a text to a whole pool or case. Create template messages you can use over and over...

Send a text message to just one juror if you like...

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What Our Customers Say

  • We implemented the CHT JMS system in June 2013 and have been very happy with the results. From the front end of the process, to the back end, we are seeing reduced costs.
    - Traci Dias, Judicial Administrator - Orleans Parish, LA
  • Using the Courthouse Technologies, Ltd. jury management platform was one of the best things we have ever done in our jury room operation.
    - Carmella Sabaugh, Clerk of Courts - Macomb County, MI
  • This product made me realize that we can accomplish a lot of data entry while saving time in our jury operation. We have reduced our jury staff by 33%.
    - Scot Cannell, IT Administrator - Washtenaw County, MI
  • We continue to be extremely pleased with Courthouse Technologies' Jury Platform. The staff is knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly and always on-call as needed. We definitely made the right decision in choosing CHT.
    - Toni Copeland, Jury Coordinator - Arlington County Circuit Court, VA
  • CHT has allowed us to consolidate what used to be individual county jury management duties into regional management units. The program fits our needs from our smallest to our largest courts.
    - Sally Holewa, State Court Administrator - Unified Courts of the State of North Dakota
  • For the first time ever, we had a 90% reduction in our undelivered mail! It has taken the hassle away of printing and mailing while saving our court money.
    - Evelyn Bell, Court Administrator - Stevens County, WA
  • 50% of our summonses are answered and returned online. This has reduced the amount of incoming phone calls and returned mail we receive on a daily basis.
    - David Ballmann, Jury Administrator - Montgomery County, OH
  • In the first year, we cut our summons mailing by 45% with help from SummonsDirect, and reduced our juror correspondence, including telephone calls, by 75% with Courthouse eResponse.
    - Carmella Sabaugh, Clerk of Courts - Macomb County, MI
  • Courthouse Technologies scanning solution has nearly eliminated the need to manually enter routine information such as phone numbers. Consequently, our failure rate has been significantly reduced compared to the old system.
    - Todd Steiner, CIO - US District Court, Northern District of Indiana
  • I used to have no access to the jury system. Since switching over, I can now look at any juror's history record and who from my staff had dealt with him/her without leaving my office.
    - Josie Delvin, Clerk of Courts - Benton County, WA
  • I have not had any issue working with Courthouse Technologies. Any time I need help, they are right there. I never have to wait to get the help I need, when I need it. Their support network is fantastic!
    - John Anderson, IT Dept. - Okaloosa County, FL
  • We are using the kiosks for juror check-in and the process has been very smooth. We are extremely happy with the CHT JMS system and would recommend it to anyone looking to save on costs and streamline their jury processes.
    - Traci Dias, Judicial Administrator - Orleans Parish, LA
  • Over 30% of summonses were completed over the internet in the first month and we expect 50-60% in future. The eResponse product reduced the manual effort required by Sheriffs to receive data and enter and respond to summonses.
    - John Sherrah, President - ITI International Technology Integration (Project Manager for Province of BC)
  • I am pleased to say that Courthouse Technologies has so streamlined the Jury selection and notification processes in Lake County that intervention from the I.T. Department is rarely needed for routine processing. The Courts are truly self-serving.
    - Jim Walsh, Information Technology Director - Lake County, OH
  • eResponse has been our biggest money saver! We have already saved $50k and we are only half way through our fiscal year. I believe we are track to save $70K by cancelling jurors before they get to the court.
    - Paula Giaimo Morales, Jury Bailiff - Tarrant County, TX