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Rockdale in the Cloud

CHT is please to annouce another court in Georgia has joined us.

December 27, 2012
Rockdale County, GA becomes the third court in Georgia to sign up with us in 2012.

Changes to Folded Self-Mailer

Important Changes to Folded Self-Mailer Standards

November 13, 2012
The U.S. Postal Service recently announced changes to un-enveloped, Folded Self-Mailer (FSM) standards.

2 More in the CHT Family

New Orleans, LA and Saginaw, MI join the growing list of courts going with CHT

November 7, 2012
Courthouse Technologies is pleased to announce we have been awarded the contract to implement our complete jury management solution

Courthouse Refund Program

A new way to see a direct return on your investment in a new jury system

November, 2012
How would you like to be using a jury platform that can give you money back for being more efficient?

GO LIVE in Fulton County, GA

An inside look at going live with the CHT platform in Atlanta, GA

October, 2012
As jurors started showing up, I knew it was going to be a busy day...

Summer Vacation at CHT

Here's a few things we got up to during the sweet, long days of summer

September, 2012
While school was out for summer the hard work of making jury management more efficient continued...

Get Your Jury Kiosks HERE!

See how 4 clients of Courthouse Technologies are taking the next step in the jury evolution...

June, 2012
What are you waiting for? Get your jury kiosk here!

Georgia Peach

The Consolidated Government of Columbus, GA Becomes CHT's Newest Client!

May, 2012
Courthouse Technologies is pleased to announce that Muscogee County, GA has joined the CHT family!

Courthouse JMS Tips and Tricks

How to Prepare for System "Go-Live"

January, 2012
The climax of the weeks and months of implementation and preparation of your new jury management system comes down to one day...

CHT Staffer Summoned for Jury Duty

In Act of Provenance

November, 2011
Late last week, I received a letter from the Ministry of the Attorney General in the mail. It was blue and official looking...

Three Ridiculous Reasons Not to Improve Your JMS

(As Fast as Humanly Possible)

September, 2011
This article from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities painfully describes that on top of unfathomable budget shortfalls in 2009-2011 more than 42 states are working to close $103 billion in deficits for the coming fiscal year (FY2012). Channeling Al Pacino...

The Social Network

August, 2011
With half the country using Facebook and Twitter to communicate everyday, have you considered how your court could communicate with jurors via social networking sites? If you have, you may have come across a new frontier in jury management...

Lies Vendors Tell

May, 2011
If obtaining the best fitting jury management solution is important to you, this article shares eight important considerations when evaluating vendors...

4 Ways Courthouse JMS Saves You Green!

January, 2011.
Electronic copies: In Courthouse JMS, nearly every working or statistical report can be produced in PDF, Word, or Excel format. $$ Savings to you: paper, paper, paper; toner; ink; printer maintenance; IT support; the 900 times a year you refill the printer tray. Savings to the planet: trees from reduced paper consumption...

Macomb County, MI Awards JMS Bid to CHT

December 2010.
Courthouse Technologies is pleased to announce we have been awarded the bid to implement our complete jury management solution in Macomb County, MI. Macomb County is purchasing Courthouse JMS, as well as Courthouse eResponse, our public facing self-service application for jurors,...

US District Courts begin roll-out of Courthouse JMS!

October 2010.
Select U.S. District Courts who have begun rolling out the Courthouse JMS suite are already experiencing a high degree of jury department cost savings. In a letter to Courthouse Technologies, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana states that after scanning approximately 15,000 master wheel questionnaires in a 10 day period, Courthouse IDS achieved, "an accuracy rate of nearly 100 percent"...